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As part of IntelERA’s Product Engineering Services (PES), IntelERA has the expertise and capabilities to accelerate the development, testing, and delivery of your software products. The team combines deep industry domain and technology expertise with a 360-degree approach and proven ability to effectively deliver products to the market. IntelERA ingrains Software talent from the US and India, agile delivery models based on Scrum or Extreme Programming(XP), and the unique ability to tie business strategy and processes together.  

IntelERA’s offshore teams work in the customer’s time zone, attend all product ceremonies, and minimize communication gaps.

With this unique combination of capabilities from consulting to engineering, we are able to effectively address the business transformation, digital process, and product transformation needs of our clients, allowing them to resolve complex problems associated with modern product engineering. This is what makes IntelERA different, and it is the reason we can work together to build a better future.


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