Product Engineering


Our client offers a unified digital health ecosystem across the healthcare marketplace in the USA. The aim is to serve patients in need with quality medical equipment keeping a digital-first mindset. The client’s digital ecosystem intends to connect patients, consultants, and providers in a secure and seamless manner. To achieve such a noble and challenging goal IntelERA is continuously working with the client as a strategy and development solution provider.


In the older version of the application, the client faced several issues like poor performance, global browser compatibility, not being scalable, and UI/UX was also not very impressive. The microservice architecture was also not there


To solve the problem IntelERA focused on value and even based design approach. We followed industries best standards to narrow down the development time in an efficient manner. From understanding the requirement then dividing the execution in Agile manner and hosting the application in containers/pods with a scalable infrastructure on cloud end to end solution was provided.

We used following tools and technologies for engineering and deployment of the application:

UI/UX: Component oriented design using ReactJs 18+, HTML 5, Bootstrap.
Backend: Java 11, Spring, Spring boot, Spring JPA and various peripherals technological tools around Spring and Java 11 supporting functional programming.
Cloud: AWS, container-based deployment using EC2 instance/service of Amazon.
Database: Amazon RDS for SQL service, new Amazon SDK’s to interact with DB in very performant way.
CI/CD: GITHUB, JENKINS 3(following imperative design of defining pipelines), SonarQube, security scans.
Monitoring: Choose an efficient and cost-effective tool Grafana. We monitor the application via custom dashboards and firing alerts for both infra as well as for web services. Kibana is also one of the open-source tools we used for storing logs.


The launch was very successful with great feedback from end users. The UI-UX experience is extremely promising with ease to understand and traverse through the interface accompanied by excellence in making actions reversible and be forgiving. With swift and simple workflow, we also increased the overall performance of the application by 30 to 40%. Today the product is compatible with nearly all the new versions of IPAD/IPHONE/TABLETS and CHROME/SAFARI browsers without breaking the backward compatibility to older versions of above said digital devices.