Who is in the pain

The client is one of the leading medical equipment suppliers based in the USA and deals in the best quality medical equipment. For over a decade, the client has been providing the highest quality customer service. The client has warehouses and branches spread throughout the United States to achieve the highest quality services for the patients.

The Pain

There were multiple problems like:
  • The error-prone manual process of extracting the orders’ data from complex Snowflakes database to XLS file daily by a 4-person team.
  • The Order Management System(OMS) to manage the entire medical equipment sales process was unable to provide an instant alert feature to the sales team and that was forcing the sales personnel to manually check the application for order updates and act.
  • The manual process was causing insignificant delays and sometimes sales personnel were even missing some of the key orders; hence adversely impacting business.
  • There was no digital platform that was providing 24/7 information related to orders in a secure and effective manner.


IntelERA developed a digitally transformed solution that replaced a manual process from the existing workflow and improved the turnaround time by 50% which resulted in business annual growth of 12%. The digital process of pulling the required data from the complex database saved the cost equivalent to a manual effort of 640 hours per month. Another key value-add was the instant alert feature, which reduced the manual intervention of the sales team to look for order status, this also increased the number of orders closures by approx. 15% weekly. The key highlights of the digitally designed solutions are:

  • Pull and sync over 3000 required records monthly from the complex Database/Warehouse and store them in an effective manner for further use, without any manual intervention
  • Build insightful dashboards for the client and their team
  • Manage over 150 sales team members in the web application
  • A seamless Alert triggering mechanism for over 500 E-mails and SMSs every day
  • Manage profile feature for the salesperson
  • Configure over 50 notification templates for E-mail and SMS alerts
  • The salesperson can update order details of any new order or existing order
  • The application can smoothly handle hundreds of concurrent users due to robust scalable infrastructure

Technology, Tools, Methodologies

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Twilio, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redux, Grafana


A robust digital solution that increased the client’s business by 12% annually resulting in a happy client for IntelERA. The solution saved a cost of 640 hours per month for the client. The application helped the client to achieve the goal of the highest quality customer service resulting in stronger brand value which regenerated the business from the existing customers by 10%. IntelERA is continuously enhancing the application as per business and end clients’ needs by following three principles of Agile/Scrum Transparency, Inspection, and Adaption.